My Summer "Nourished Life" Bucket List

I'm in a group with Heidi Larson from Foodie Crush and Alexa of Simple Roots Wellness

If you know who took this glorious photo please let me know. It's just dreamy!


The group is for those who are participating in their Nourished Life Challenge. Part of the challenge is to come up with bucket list ideas for our summer that nourish our lives.  Not just the everyday things like shopping or cleaning but things that enrich your life. Here is my summer list to give you some budget list ideas... do have a summer bucket list? 

You can follow along with everyone participating here #nourishedlifechallenge


My summer bucket list is

1. Road trip to Seattle stopping at hot springs along the way

2. Read/listen to 2 new books

3. Meditate in nature once a week

4. Make homemade ice cream

5. Got on a little weekend trip with my kids

6. Paint some watercolor prints to frame

7. Take a family photo

8. Visit Vermont

9. Simplify my things into just those things I love

10. Find a choir to join for the holiday season


Do you have a summer bucket list?