I Love This Time of Year in The Garden. It Reminds Me of My Grandma... Free Printable

I love this time of year when the garden is full of fresh vegtables and everything is ready to make fresh homemade meals. 

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Growing up my Grandma Bohman had the most beautiful lush garden. She grew beets, radishes, swiss chard, cucumbers, tomatoes of all sorts, onions, asparagus, spinach, zucchini, green beans, peas, carrots, raspberries and more. I loved her summer meals. She would go out in her dark blue or black keds right before dinner and gather a bunch of veggies in her apron. Sometimes it was baby red potatoes and beet greens or cucumbers, butter lettuce, and tomatoes for a salad. We always had the most delicious feasts from grandma's garden.  I can smell it now. Cucumber and vinegar salad with onions were on the table most nights. The smell of grandma's kitchen included roast beef that always lingered in the air, vinegar and onions from some pickled something or another and the fresh cut hay coming in through the kitchen window. Nothing felt more like home than those smells wafting through the air on a summer's evening. 


Now grandma Bohman has passed and my mom is the grandma. Her garden is always full of zucchini and tomatoes, peppers and all the makings of a good salsa. Since we are in a rental with no space for a good garden my mom shares her bounty with us. One of the first things on my list when we move to a more permanent place is to have a large garden. I even have this photo from an old issue of Country Living Magazine that I cut out and saved for inspiration. It's was before the days of Pinterest. Here is an article about this lovely Connecticut garden by   I have a Pinterest board full of garden ideas and tips if you would like to have a look.


Now that my twins are in their 20's and all 3 of my kids are adults I will too soon be the grandma which means a garden for the grandkids to wander through and garden fresh dinners for them too. My garden is going to be a low-carb kitchen garden full of every sort of veggie I can possibly grow. I have even considered a solarium to grow some avocados, lemons, and limes. 

Do you grow a garden?

Here is a free garden inspiration print I made for you. Because a garden truly is to nourish the body and the soul. 


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