I believe... food should be made with love, everyone is creative, the imperfect is perfect, travel is about making memories, sweet moments in life are in the everyday, real life & real people and the simple little things are what make Life Sweet.
— April Atwater

HELLO! Welcome to Simply the Sweet Life.

I'm April. I founded Simply the Sweet Life in 2010 as a dream job in the making.  I have always loved beautiful things and magazines so on a shoe string budget and some determination I decided to set out to create a magazine that brought those two loves together.  


A funny little story, when my grandma Bohman passed away I was going through her things with my mom.  We came across her high school senior essay.  She was to write about herself.  It was a charming essay and truly described my grandma. She wrote, " Some people love the fine writings of Shakespeare or Mark Twain but not me I prefer a good magazine any day."  Grandma Bohman had stacks of magazines around and keep them for years. She always saved them for one reason or another and would reference them often for a good recipe or an article she loved.  It was her sort of Pinterest.  The love of a beautiful magazine runs in the family.


I started blogging professionally, as in for the purpose to create a job online, in 2007 with my blog Sweet Life in The Valley.  It's been 10 years since my first blog post and since 10 years in a profession makes you an expert I guess I am now an expert blogger.  I've had a wonderful time these past 10 years meeting amazingly talented people, working on some seriously fun collaborations.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to take my kids to Disneyland as VIP guest with a personal cast member touring us through the park or sit in a private lunch with advertising executives from Lexus or sitting in the VIP seating at a first run Broadway play with or even host my own bloggers conference.  It's been an exciting and amazing 10 years!!

A few things I love...

Pale Pink - LaCroix Over Pebble Ice - a Luxury Spa Day - Quite Moments Over Looking a Mountain Lake -  Tall Pine Trees - Rose Gold - Being a Mother - a Good Project - Designing - Traveling and Tasting the Foods of the Region

Stay a while and have a look around. I hope you find something useful, beautiful or something you love!






I love to collaborate with brands that I love and use as well as new brands. 



Over the past 10 years I've had the pleasure of working  on many great collaborations. Here are a sprinkling of the lovely brands.