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Road Trip with Toyota and Lexus * Camp Gathering-Vermont * Sweet Ride 2015

Car ReviewApril Atwater

Over the river and through the woods we all went on a road trip to Vermont. This past April a few food and travel bloggers gathered in Stowe, Vermont for Camp Gathering- Vermont. Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul Magazine, James Anthony of the Phoenician Flea, Brandy of The Nutmeg Nanny, Gina Matsoukas of Running to the Kitchen, Sha' Atwater and myself, April Atwater from Sweet & Simple Magazine had the chance to drive some sweet 2015 Lexus and Toyota vehicles. The Toyota and Lexus brands are some of my favorite and these beauties keep up with the quality and luxury we've come to expect.

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Paul and James drove the 2015 Lexus RX 350 up to Stowe, Vermont from Brooklyn, New York"James and I were so happy with our Lexus, made the long drive such a pleasure. We actually said it was like driving on butter, it was so smooth" Paul LoweSweet Paul Magazine


A few of the luxury extras we love for the road trip includes the beautiful wood detailing interior option.

Little luxuries go a long way on a road trip. In April the weather in New England can go from hot to cold at a moments notice. Having heated and cooled seats on both the drive and passengers side makes it extra comfortable. The remote touch interface even makes listening to your favorite tunes or planning your navigation a luxurious experience.  


Lots of room for your travel gear in its versatile cargo area. This crossover is the top of the premium brands in our book. As Paul said, "It's like driving on butter!"


Brandy and Gina drove up to Vermont from Poughkeepsie is the 2015 Toyota Highlander.

"I loved using the Toyota Highlander because it was roomy, had awesome features and was super comfortable for our road trip. I was so sad when I had to give it back because I loved driving it so much. In fact a few weeks later I even made my husband go test drive a Highlander because I'm in the market for a new car!"

Brandy O'Neill

The Nutmeg Nanny

"Loved so many features of the Toyota Highlander, specifically the Bluetooth integration and smart dash display. It drove like a car, not an SUV and made the winding roads of Vermont fun to drive!"

Gina Matsoukas

Running to the Kitchen


There is sky for miles and a great view of the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont when road tripping in the 2015 Toyota Highlander with a full panoramic sunroof.
With seating for up to 8, quite interior and rear-seat entertainment system getting friends together for a road trip is fun all around.


The climate control, turn by turn navigation, blue tooth and multi-talented tech features make you feel at easy when you are driving the the winding roads of upstate New York and Vermont. They are perfect for driving around town too.


If you are looking for comfort and great has millage the 2015 Toyota Avalon Hybrid is for you. Not only does it offer great back seat foot space the seats are comfortable.

The gas mileage is 40/39. You can get some serious road tripping done with this kind of fuel efficiency. We only stopped to get gas once the entire week we drove the Avalon and covered most of Northern Vermont in that week. 

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The multi information display just past the steering wheel in the gauge cluster let us know many miles we had left in our tank of gas, what our average fuel economy was on the trip and if we where in eco or sports mode. This information is important when driving the back roads in Vermont when you don't know when your next gas station will be coming up.
I also like the blue light. It's easy on the eyes when driving at night.


If you're like me you have at least two drinks with you on the road. I keep an ice water and often a real sugar Dr. Pepper or a coffee on hand. I love the space in the doors for my water bottle and center drink holders for both the driver and passenger.
I always use a center arm rest when driving long distances. It one of the first things I noticed once I start driving. The Avalon has a nicely placed adjustable center arm rest.


The exterior detailing of smarter aerodynamics of the Avalon is designed for minimum wind noise and a smoother ride. We loved driving the 2015 Toyota Avalon. It's on my list of favorite 2015 vehicles.