Hand Embroidered Valentine Bookmarks

Valentine Craft - Bookmarks

Hello Everyone!!! Iโ€™m Abby over at A Feathered Nest blog which is kind of a collection of hobbies I like or attempt. Iโ€™m a mom with 4 kids - boy, girl, boy, girl, and a {hot} husband. I wish I had a puppy so bad. My baby girl is an animal so she will suffice for now. We live in Michigan {the most beautiful place on earth} but weโ€™re getting ready to move back home to Sunny Arizona! {gasp!} Iโ€™m SO excited that Heather would ask me to put together a project for all of you. Weโ€™re going to do a Valentine project but not that kind of Valentine project. Letโ€™s veer from the standard Valentine gifts and do something unique for our good friends & loved ones. Who out there doesn't love a good book?! Even kidsโ€™ books. Theyโ€™re amazing. Donโ€™t you love it when you find a good book and youโ€™re sad when you finish? Wouldn't it be fun to give a good book to someone you love this Valentineโ€™s Day?! With an adorable hand-made bookmark?! Even better. {add some chocolate to the gift and Iโ€™d say that would be the best Valentine gift EVER.} Iโ€™ll take a good book {and chocolate} over flowers any day.

Hand Embroidered Valentine Bookmarks

Arenโ€™t they precious? How fun to use the bookmark as the actual gift tag wrap it around a gift card or if you buy a book wrap it around the wrapping paper. 


  • Felt, cut in varying circles or shapes (I have a scallop pair of scissors) 

  • DMC floss, needle, scissors 

  • Fabric marker- mine has a disappearing ink side 

  • Fabric glue 

  • Elastic (you can dye your elastic any color you want using RIT dye - just boil hot water, add a few drops of dye, boil for a few minutes, rinse with cold water. Bleach your pot before using it for cooking.) 

This is a perfect project for those of you who are beginners to embroidery. If you need a practice guide, here is a handy-dandy Stitch Guide I put together a long time ago. This post also has some stitching help, another great Valentine project. Iโ€™m missing a few stitches on my site but if you google searched the following stitch names youโ€™ll find more than enough help on how to do them.


Cut your shapes - I used 3-ply together, but stitched on 2-ply.

Trace/draw your design. The circles should be small, so you donโ€™t need a whole lot on them - keep it simple. I free-handed everything so I donโ€™t have patterns, but you can look at these and figure it out. Theyโ€™re not very complex.

Embroider your design. Here are the stitches I used: Lazy Daisy

- French Knot

- Split Stitch

- Running Stitch

- Blanket stitch


Secure your elastic in a loop/circle, using glue or thread - make sure itโ€™s straight. Nothing but the best from you.

Glue your front to the back.

Done! Now go make a whole bunch of these and you have plenty of time until Valentineโ€™s Day! Wahoo!! These will also make great end-of-year teacher gifts too get a head start and be the admiration of the PTO moms. Youโ€™re amazing.


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